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Paper Shredder

Inbuilt anion generator in the paper shredder can release anion and purify the air after turned on with an effective scope of 20 meter square. 50 dB mute level makes the office room quieter.

Paper Shredder
1. Inbuilt anion generator is adopted in this paper shredder.
2. The automatic paper-retreat design can protect motor. This paper shredder will retreat paper automatically if the paper quantity exceeds the limits.
3. Red-light will warn when the drawer is full.

Explanation of this paper shredder
1. Shredding capacity: (70g/A4)6sheets
2. Cutting size: 3*16mm
3. Confidential rate: S3
4. Dimension: (L*W*H): 33*20.3*51cm
5. Shed speed: >=2m/min
6. Meas.: 42*29*59cm
7. Waste basket size(L):15
8. Vox(dB): <=55 db
9. Power: 190W
10. Credit Card: NO
11. CD: NO

Paper Shredder

1. Inbuilt anion generator is adopted.
2. With its powerful shredding ability, this paper shredder can shred 16 pages at a time.
3. Word-class shredding time, can shred papers last for ten minutes
4. This paper shredder is especially suitable for large finance offices.
5. LCD dynamic state makes the working process very clear at a glance.
6. This paper shredder can shred CD.

1. Shredding capacity: (70g/A4)16 sheets
2. Cutting size: 4*40mm
3. Confidential rate: S3
4. Dimension: (L*W*H): 39*27*61.5cm
5. CD: YES
6. CD shredding capacity: 1 sheet
7. Waste basket size(L): 31
8. Vox(dB): <=55Db
9. Power: 400W
10. Credit card: YES
11. Shred speed: >=2m/min
12. Meas.: 49*35*70cm

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