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1. Deli endeavors to become the best supplier who provides top, superior, and professional mould design, development, and production.

The lowest total cost supplier
Specialized in stationery line manufacturing
Listed standard manufacturing and service concept
Reliable partner

2. Manufacturing capacity

For the 20-year road, Deli persists in its diversified strategies for its specialization development and has formed its present industry structure of 4 industrial parks, 11 professional manufacturing factories, 8 research and development centers and 2 design and research institutes.

What for us to expect is the under-construction 230,000m2 Ninghai Deli Xinling Manufacturing Base and 120,000m2 Ningbo Deli Jiangbei Industrial Park Manufacturing Base will be finished and put into production in the year 2010. At that time, a structure of 5 manufacturing centers will be formed which will be a powerful guarantee for all professions on their independent operations and development and also will promote Deli into one of the stationery enterprises with most capacity reserves in the world

We review our manufacturing process regularly with lean manufacturing concept to make sure we are making our product at their most effective and cost efficient way. We almost have all our components and processes done "in-house" so that we can have the best quality and efficiency control.

3. OEM and ODM program
1).ODM Program

Our partners will grow together with us through continuous innovation. Since Deli owns more than 3,000 items, more than 50 product series, and 864 patented products, and keeps the new product development with the equal speed of 4 everyday, any idea of customization of our existing product is welcome.

Type of Product
Color of Product
Design of Logo and Artwork
Type and Artwork on the Package

2). Deli provides full range of OEM products and develops sound services to customers.
With well experienced designers and engineers, we offer full range of OEM product development services to customers. From conceptual stage to mold development and to ex-factory of new products, it may take only 60 days.
Here are our R&D capability
Product ID designers
Product concept, product sketch, Solid Works product drawings
Product Prototyping
Foam models (hand crafted), SLS prototyping, CNC milling, In-house rapid mold (silicon molding), In-house painting
Engineering drawing
Complete Pro-E product drawing, Corel Draw CAD drawing, Tool drawing
Mold making (In-house)
EDM machines, Wire Cutting machines, CNC machines, mold flow analysis software
Product testing (In-house)
Vibration test, life test, functional test, salt mist test, hardness test, Humid and temperature test oven…

3). Located in the stationery manufacturing center-----Ningbo, Deli is endowed with the advantage of resources integration, which can optimize our shared supply chain through collaboration. And our objective is making Deli a resolution output enterprise from the original product output enterprise.

Main Products
    1. Display Bag High flexibility: this display bag with 11 holes can be used for documents with 2 holes, 3 holes, 4 holes, etc.
      This bag is made of non-reflective material, which is transparent and can effectively...
    1. PP Zip BagUsing PP instead of PVC, this zip bag is healthier and eco-friendly.
      Flat and wrinkle free, it doesn't absorb or stick to other things. As a result, it is easy to use and beautiful in appearance...
    1. Expanding FileHigh quality PP material used makes the expanding file flat and produces no smell.
      High quality soft handle makes you feel generous and comfortable.
      With its index design...
    1. School BagComing with leading industry process, better materials is adopted in the school bag.
      High quality zipper is smooth and easy to use.
      High quality shoulder ties are soft and ventilative.

Company Brief: DELI Group is a professional office supply manufacturer, office supply wholesaler in China. We mainly manufacture office supplies such as file holder, pencil sharpener, paper punch, paper cutter, file box, etc.