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  • Ball Point Pen
    1. Ball Point PenLong lasting and not easy to be damaged.
      New type ink: help our ballpoint pens achieve smooth and clear writing.
      Ball point pens with different colors to satisfy different needs.
    1. Mechanical PencilExplanation of this mechanical pencil
      W38041: 0.5/0.7, 12/120/1200, 31.5*23.5*31.5cm
      W38044: 0.5, 12/120/1200, 32.5*25*40cm
  • Refill
    1. RefillSpecification: 0.5mm
      Packing: 12pcs\bag /20/240
      Meas: 38x22.5x25cm
  • Pencil
    1. Black Lead PencilsE38029: 7"HB, 1/12/240, 42.8*26*39.5cm
      E38037: 7"HB, 1/12/240, 42.8*26*39.5cm
      E38038: 7"HB, 1/12/240, 42.8*26*39.5cm
    1. Color PencilE38023: 12 color(3mm), 1/24/240, 37*37*28.5cm
      E38024: 18 color(3mm), 1/16/160, 37.5*29*38.5cm
      E38025: 24 color(3mm), 1/12/120, 37.5*17*56.5cm
  • Paint Marker
    1. Paint Marker6961: 12 color, 1/20/60, 44.5*39.5*44.5cm
      6962: 18 color, 1/18/108, 45.5*41.5*41.5cm
      6963: 24 color, 1/20/80, 39.5*37.5*44.5cm
  • Watercolor Pen
    1. Watercolor PenUltra washable
      Medium tip
      The watercolor pen enables users to create gorgeous, long-lasting paintings.
    1. 6-24 Color Watercolor PenMedium tip
      The watercolor pen enables users to create gorgeous paintings ...
    1. NotebookePaper used in this business note book has 85% whiteness and can protect eyesight.
      Simple style is suitable for office workers.
      Comfortable leather cover is adopted in this business note book, thus it is scratch-proof.
    1. Poster (Post-it Notes)Super Sticky Poster (Fluorescence)
      Super sticky poster is smooth, easy to write, and has high quality glue at back with no stain after usage.
      Given below is explanation of super sticky poster
    1. Note Pad This note book is designed with transparent PP cover which comes with a thickness of 0.5mm and is in fine texture.
      There are 80pcs inner sheets, which are 70g offset paper.
  • Glue Stick
    1. Glue StickGlue sticks are solid adhesives in twist or push-up tubes. Deli Stationery is a Chinese glue stick manufacturer and supplier. Our glue sticks come in many colors and sizes to suit different customers' requirements. As a result of their ease of use and economic value, glue sticks are frequently used in schools and offices...
  • Liquid Glue
    1. Liquid GlueSpecification.: 50ml
      Packing: --/12/360
      MEAS.: 57.5x29.5x33.5cm
  • White Glue
    1. White GlueSpecification: 40ml
      Packing: 1/12/288
      MEAS: 45x32.5x23.5cm
  • Tape
    1. TapeThis packing tape is made from quality BOPP.
      It has high viscosity, and is suitable for use at all temperatures.
      Color printing sealing tapes are also available.
    1. Hot Melt Double-Sided Tissue TapeItem No.: Specification, Packing, Meas.
      30414: 6mm*10y*80µm, 1tub/-/12tub,(48pcs/tub), 40*30.5*32cm
      30415: 36mm*20y*80µm, 1tub/-/12tub,(8pcs/tub), 40*30.5*32cm
    1. EVA Foam Tape EVA foam tape is available in rugged surface.
      Strong and permanent stickiness.
  • Tape Dispenser
    1. Tape DispenserCoat material: ABSD material.
      Blades and rotor are both fixed by screw: so the tape dispenser is stable.
      Blades of the tape dispenser is nickel plated. the coat is polish finished.
  • Carton Sealer
    1. Carton SealerA carton sealer is a manual sealing machine mainly used for tape cutting, carton sealing and product packaging. As a specialized carton sealer manufacturer in China, we at Deli Stationery provide serveral types of carton sealers to suit different customers' requirements. Our carton sealers ...

Company Brief: DELI Group is a professional office supply manufacturer, office supply wholesaler in China. We mainly manufacture office supplies such as file holder, pencil sharpener, paper punch, paper cutter, file box, etc.